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2014 Event Photos Released!

Photos from our 2014 events are up on our FB page:

Gold plated poker cards dealt at the most exclusive theatrical role-play society in the world. #redroperoleplay
Tickets are selling fast for our next event Vesper Room No.2 (6/28), our sophisticated characters + casino + cosplay glamour event. 
Tickets: acesandops.com
Our next event will be an amazing casino card game + player powers tour de force! Both the Aces & Operatives will be compelled to join forces to battle a force that could destroy them all!
Transmission was amazing! White Fox dispersed a nano-virus and a third of the venue became infected! Thankfully, a cure was found and only one fatality was suffered… plus, the Operatives have made off with a secret CIA/MI6 dossier! Here are two stars, The Baron & Ima meeting for the first time. Their encounter was captured on a hidden camera.
Cici (aka Ima) at our playtest last night. Amazing gamer minds convened at Singularity&Co. for our first playtest!
Boom! It’s on people… 


Get A-List $20 tickets this week!
Details for our next event will be released this weekend!
TMZ Reports that last night there was a secret society poker event where millions were exchanged by VIP “international persons of interest”. It’s alleged that Julien Viceroy promoted an investment party where the entire room’s funds were channeled through just one of four key off-shore accounts. Luckily, the new invitees selected the ‘Ace’ account and the stock market remains safe… here is a leaked photo of a secret exchange on the floor… more to come from the press…
Tonight Julien was graciously welcomed by two ‘society’ establishments along one of the most famous streets in NYC… more to come… ‪#‎venuehunting‬…‪#‎redropeLARP‬
Our 2014 re-boot is underway!